Katharine and Travis have over 100 happy clients under their belts. Their vast knowledge and experience helps every interaction be even more smooth and professional. Learn more about each of them below…









Team Leader/Problem Solver
Katharine Holland is our problem-solving steam engine hidden under Midwestern charm. Katharine has always been… different. As a teenager in her little home town of 4,000 people, she was reading the New York Times in the library and hailing cabs to go to high school baseball games.

Smart, driven, inquisitive? You bet. Then, when she moved to the island of Key West after college, she fell in love with art, beauty, grace and style. The package was complete, almost. Her first real estate manager taught her the final most important piece of business and success—always give your clients outstanding, extraordinary, unexpected customer service. She has pursued real estate as a higher calling ever since.

Katharine advises about construction and permits, lines up the best vendors, teaches landlords about their rights, negotiates rings around any problem—and then with wonderful patience and kindness, helps someone’s elderly parents clear out a lifetime of possessions and memories. And that’s on a slow day.

Somehow she still has time for ballroom dancing, balloon rides over Kenya, co-founding a sailing racing team and attending the opera. Perhaps we should flip on our TVs and watch her in action on HGTVs House Hunters show to see how she does it!.


Number Cruncher/Investor/Realtor
Travis was 28 years old and working at a non-profit when he bought his first investment property in San Francisco. Three years later he sold it for 50% profit. Then he moved on to the next property, and the next. If you ask him how he did it he’ll say, “I’m all about crunching the numbers. I see real estate as an investment, as an exciting business opportunity. I focus on the investment return.”

In fact, Travis applies that keen focus to everything he does, even his hobbies. Travis can cycle 200 miles in a day—up and down 25,000 foot elevations—to complete the Marin Double Century on
a Saturday, and then win a pool tournament on a Sunday.

Another little known fact: Katharine Holland, head of the SF Good Life Team, was the real estate pro who walked Travis through every step of his first property purchase. That’s why, when he decided to turn his love of San Francisco and his passion for property into a business, he competed to join the most knowledgeable, customer focused real estate team in town: the SF Good Life Team. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

Our clients are thrilled with Travis also. Investors value Travis’ ability to understand and focus on their financial goals. First-time home buyers appreciate an agent with personal experience managing the roller-coaster ride of purchasing in the Bay Area’s wild markets. And sellers love his desire to earn the best possible value for their home.

And after each success, we all enjoy partaking in Travis’ guilty pleasure… well, you’ll have to ask him yourself what that is!

He’s been a landlord and HOA president, stood up to developers, and lived in four SF neighborhoods—yes, Travis knows the ins-and-outs of home ownership in the city.